Bishop noel jones christian dating

He’s wearing a black leather trench coat, dark glasses and a black wide-brimmed hat. Thieves hit you when you’re not looking but I’d jack you to your face.When he takes off his black leather gloves, his fingers sparkle with gems. But he’s not – he’s a bishop, one of six on a new reality show that debuted last year called Preachers of LA from the Oxygen Network. My mom taught me values.” He became a drug addict, and might have ended that way had he not been saved.Noel Jones is the pastor of the City of Refuge Church located in Gardena, California.Noel Jones (born January 31, 1950) is an American minister.As the rumour that the two were dating spread over the Internet, neither Lisa Raye, ex-wife of former Turks and Caicos premier Michael Misick, nor Bishop Jones initially responded to comments on websites.

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He was raised alongside a diverse array of siblings (one of whom is the actress and singer Grace Jones).He would go on later to receive his doctorate from the International Circle of Faith.At the age of 26, he accepted his first pastorate at Bethel Temple of Longview in Longview, Texas.That’s why we’re meeting here, and not at his church, some 50 miles away in Riverside. “I’m getting my Ferrari detailed nearby, so after we’ve finished, I’m going to pick it up, drive to Rodeo Drive and buy my wife something nice.Maybe some jewellery.” It’s high time the Prosperity Gospel got its own reality show.