Intimidating women celebrities

If blondes are day, brunettes are night (yes, that rhymes).

Young men interested in taking out Sophia and her two sisters, Sistine, 18, and Scarlet, 14, however, should still watch out.

George Clooney has revealed that even Hollywood stars get sweaty palms when asking ridiculously impressive women out on a date.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, George, who recently celebrated his 54th birthday, said he originally found his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, "intimidating".

Her match is someone who is 100% supportive, regardless of their own career path. Being intimidated is very different from being led. MABBITTY What she means is she doesn’t want a wishy-washy guy who would write to a relationship blog for help in deciphering her profile.The woman said she agreed to meet Tostee at the Cavill Mall on the Gold Coast – the same place where he later Ms Wright - but they had not finished their first drink before the 30-year-old carpet layer suggested she come back to his apartment. The doctor shows you "inkblots" and you blurt out what comes to mind.I think everyone gets intimidated," the Descendants actor said.But, despite Amal's impressive CV (she represented Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange in his fight against extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault charges, and was also a member of former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko's​ counsel in her recent proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights), it didn't take long for George to realise she was "the one"."I think it was about three days in, I knew she was the one," he said.