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JEFFREY BROWN: Do you conclude that it is new or that it is more prevalent now, or that we know about it more? It’s true that over the last year or so, this has become a much more — a topic that is much more covered.

JEFFREY BROWN: The film is called “The Hunting Ground,” and it’s a disturbing look at what it presents as an epidemic of sexual assaults at colleges around the country, including the Ivy Leagues and large state universities. JEFFREY BROWN: From fraternities to athletics, a wide swathe of campus culture comes under scrutiny, as producer Amy Ziering and director Kirby Dick interviewed victims at dozens of schools over the past year-and-a-half. WOMAN: Sixteen thousand, one hundred and fifty service members were assaulted in 2009. JEFFREY BROWN: That film, nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary, eventually led to changes in the way the U. KIRBY DICK, Director, “The Hunting Ground”: There’s been quite a few studies that show that the rate of sexual assault, it’s between 16 and 20 percent of undergraduate women are sexually assaulted in college.

Two years ago, they produced “The Invisible War,” about rape in the U. WOMAN: About a half-million women have now been sexually assaulted in the U. So, this has been a problem that the universities and colleges haven’t addressed.