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If good communication is key to building a healthy relationship, the lack of it can surely dissolve one. When respect and kindness disappear, so can the love. Over time, however, people often default to “just being themselves” and stop bending to the expectations of their partner if those expectations are not shared ones. One of them discovered something new about his/her partner. The relationship has either lost its spark or become too much work for one or both people to handle. He got fired and suddenly retreats into depression and refuses her help. gives you the benefit of a personal matchmaker who picks your matches and guides you to success.

Here are ten reasons why people fall out of love: 1. Conflict went unresolved, needs went unexpressed, and affirmations went unspoken. It’s easy to assume that love is unconditional and to subsequently get lazy with each other. In the beginning, it’s easy to accommodate your partner’s needs and wishes. She’s given birth and he no longer sees her as a lover, just as a mother. Once the honeymoon is over, however, it can also leave a relationship feeling empty and lacking.

She described him to other friends as 'not very exciting'. It was like an epiphany.' Most psychologists would say that was unusual.

The reality is that when friends become lovers the shift in their emotions is usually gradual.

We bring you six unique ways in which Valentine's Day is celebrated across these destinations. Japan Valentine's day in Japan turns around the conventional concept of wooing--with women showering their partners with gifts and chocolates.

Japan has for long, nurtured the tradition of gifting chocolates on Valentine's Day. Each of these chocolates signify a particular kind of relationship.

In a poll conducted for the women's website 83 per cent of female participants believed that a purely platonic friendship could exist between men and women.

New questions surrounding Melania Trump's path to US citizenship have surfaced, with one attorney stating she received her green card in 2001 'based on marriage', four years before she wed Donald Trump.

Mo Kurimbokus, a relationship counsellor, says, 'Think of it like foreplay.A spokesperson for Trump shot down the shocking claims, telling Dailymail Online: 'Contrary to inaccurate reports today, Melania was not married prior to her marriage to Mr. She obtained a green card on her own.' New questions surrounding Melania Trump's path to US citizenship have surfaced, with immigration attorney Michael Wildes stating she obtained a green card in 2001 'based on marriage', four years before she wed Donald Trump Italian businessman Paolo Zampolli said his agency Metropolitan Models sponsored Melania in 1996 with an H-1B work visa, which typically allows people to stay in the US for three years at a time, the Washington Post reported.In March, the Donald said: 'The H-1B program is neither high-skilled nor immigration: these are temporary foreign workers, imported from abroad, for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay.As commercialised as it may be, Valentine's Day is nevertheless celebrated as a day of expressing those unadulterated emotions of love to your beloved.And if you thought the week-long-prequel to V-Day was dramatic enough in itself, let us remind you that people around the world consider it to be a much greater affair than you could perhaps fathom.