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A has had a rough time with the opposite sex, it is not that A is unattractive or undesireable, in fact A is a wonderful human being whom I feel honored to count as a friend (and if your reading this, I mean that too). A is now in a close relationship (we will call the significant other B), and is struggling with the assumption that B is planning to end the relationship. I believe you can have a first experience with a person that’s so powerful it encourages you to imagine a future full of possibilities.

On my "Social Anxiety Solutions podcast" I interview psychologists, researchers, therapists, coaches, doctors and psychotherapists who rave about the effectiveness of EFT.What happens when you’re left blindsided by this rejection you never saw coming after an amazing first date, or third date or even tenth date?It sounds like a relatively small loss—after all, you only just met this person, how hard can losing him really be? How many times, when you’re trying to make sense of what happened do you want to blurt out to your well meaning friends: “But you weren’t there, you can’t understand what happened between us.” Even though you want to believe your friends are right and the connection wasn’t there in the way you believed it was, you still know that you and your date connected in a way that was validating, exciting, and gave you hope.You are left with a cross between hopefullness and disappointment, because the day isn’t over yet.But now a day has dragged into a week, and you start to realize that what you thought would be the start of something great is over before it had a chance to be as amazing as you know it could have been.