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I don't know the technical term for it's location, but it's under the base of the barrel (on the left) when you push them down. 1,136,247 granted April 20, 1915, and assigned to the J. This patent covers a hammerless double with coil-spring driven strikers, rather than internal hammers rotating about an axle. 311 emerged as a cheaper version of the Fox Model B action with a Tentite stock and forearm. 311 was made form the 1920's until 1945 and that is it. I have two Stevens 311's one in 16ga and the other in 20ga and my 20 has the serial number on the side of the reciever, C655803. The guns made in 1949 -68 had the date code in a 3/16" oval on the bottom of the receiver. The letter is the date code; not large circled production code letters used to keep parts matched for each gun. _________________over the hill and picking up speed. It is the whole people..disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.".. If there is anyone still alive who might know what some or all of those various stamps mean on these old Stevens/Springfield/trade brand shotguns that were made at Chicopee Falls, it would be the Savage Historian, John Callahan, and he charges for basic information on Stevens firearms --John T.

Can somebody please let me know anything about this specific model? If the gun has no serial number, it was made before 1968. Absolutly mint M331 .410s can run near or above the 00 mark while an 85% gun may only bring 0. If it was manufactured between 19 there should be a small circle with a number and letter stamped between the trigger and the hinge pin. A 1949 B 1950 C 1951 D 1952 E 1953 F 1954 G 1955 H 1956 I 1957 J 1958 K 1959 L 1960 M 1961 N 1963 O 1963 P = 1963 R to V = 1964 - 1968 I just dug mine out and was confused about the age also. From the time of the patent until WW-II this action was used on a number of different Stevens, Riverside and Springfield doubles as well as many marked with a variety of "trade names." After the Great War the company became the J. continued to make this gun during the 1920s as the Riverside No. By 1925 the 20-gauge and .410-bore were added to the No. The same action was also introduced as the Stevens No. 311 which was a similar gun but with an uncheckered "walnut finish" stock. All the other data I have found makes no sense to me if the gun was made up until 1989? founding father George Mason._________________over the hill and picking up speed. It is the whole people..disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.".. introduced a Tenite stocked version of their Stevens No.

Other passengers include the last Bene Tleilax Master Scytale, some Bene Gesserits, a group of Jews saved from Honored Matre oppression on the planet Gammu, seven small sandworms that can produce spice, and four captive Futars, fierce half-man/half-cat creatures bred to hunt Honored Matres.

Suitengu are Shinto shrines dedicated to the deity of Hindu origins Varuna (水天 Suiten in Japanese).Need to track a flight arrival or find airport parking?Find that perfect place to eat at your connecting terminal before your next flight departs?However, it is soon discovered by the mysterious "old man and old woman", Daniel and Marty, first mentioned at the end of Chapterhouse Dune, who have unknown designs on the Ithaca and its passengers.I have 12, 20 and 410 gauge shotgun shells that are over 40 years old, full boxes 25 per box and boxes and shells are in (MINT) condition.