Who is beenie man dating

The St Kitts music festival might well be the best-kept secret in the Caribbean, and there's a good chance that even the most clued-up of music aficionados in Britain won't even have heard of it.

This is despite the event assuming the status, over the past decade, of an annual destination for punters with a fondness for all things enticing in the world of music.

But in any situation, finding out that the guy has another girl is always the worst dating experience!

Would you say infidelity is common and accepted in Jamaica?

"When you come perform in the Caribbean, it's like you are at home - because it's a few miles away from Jamaica anyway," says Beenie Man back at his hotel room the next day.

"So, you get either a more loving spirit because the Caribbean people love the songs from back in the day to now, and when you're an artist that they love forever, and you're still here making hits. And I've been coming here for, like, nine years now.

The upbeat DJ sears through his oldies and newbies, all the while jumping in the air and revelling in the adoration of the crowd.

Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about her: 1.

She is a model- In 2001 she placed second in the Barbizon High Fashion Modeling Competition. She has modeled for a number of popular brands including Rocawear. She is a net ball player- She was a member of Jamaica's national under- 21 netball team. She has a degree- She holds an Associate Degree in Accounting and Management. She's an actress- She has been involved in a number of local television shows and is a cast member of the film, Jamaican Mafia, which will be released on November 27. She got a scholarship- She received a scholarship from the Caribbean Institute to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

The young fan climbed on to the stage, turned her posterior to the deejay and began gyrating on his pelvic area, After a few moments, the deejay eased her off and remarked, "You clothes dirty ...

why yu come up here and a wine up pon me inna dirty clothes?