Who is carli lloyd dating

Hollins watched the game in a small group of Lloyd's closest friends, away from the glare of the cameras.

Of course, after her hat trick in Vancouver, the glare figures to be intense for a while.

Carli Lloyd’s boyfriend Brian Hollins has been engaged to her since 2015 but has known Carli his whole life. According to him, he would watch her take soccer balls onto the field between their houses as she chased them around to train.

I guess she knows he has a unique perspective of her journey as a soccer player.

Hollins said part of that has to do with superstition, as Team USA won gold at the London Olympics in 2012 when Lloyd’s family wasn’t in attendance.

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The same single-minded focus that makes her Clutch Carli, that let her dominate the top-ranked Germans with a goal and an assist in the United States’ 2-0 semifinal win, kept her friends and family from seeing it live after she told them to not to come to Canada. She doesn’t have to worry about me being in the stands, family being there, doesn’t have to worry about meeting up after the game. She’s there to do business,’’ Hollins told The Post. If it works, it works.” Hollins grasps the need for focus.They maintained a long-distance relationship throughout college as they pursued their athletic endeavors.Hollins shared a story about how competitive Carli is.The two grew up together and have been dating since high school.Hollins is an assistant golf pro at a country club in New Jersey.