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I think the movie leads look fantastic as well so check it out if you’re also interested.

This is a reference guide to the cast coins of China from the Zhou Dynasty, including knife and spade coins, not a listing of coins offered for sale (although a listing of examples we currently have available can be viewed on our : our vcoins store.

Therefore, through my artwork as a mean of conveying my message, I would like to show my greatest appreciation and admiration to Mr Lee for the contribution to the Nation.” He added that he initially created the piece when he heard that Lee Kuan Yew had been admitted into hospital in the hope that it would serve to wish him a “speedy recovery”.

As such, he does not plan to sell his piece.“And I stand by my decision,” he said. Unless, perhaps the Singapore Arts Museum would like to have it as an exhibit, then I would love to share my art with my fellow Singaporeans.”See more of Ong Yi Teck's work via Instagram here.

The country was ruled by a governor and a legislative council, mostly comprising wealthy Chinese businessmen who were appointed rather than elected by the people.

Thereafter, he starred in a series of well-received period dramas, such as Big Shot and Golden Years, which gained him considerable recognition and earned him the title of "Most Handsome Ancient Man" in China.

Yan achieved breakthrough in 2011; his performance in the television adaptation of Water Margin, All Men Are Brothers and historical palace drama The Glamorous Imperial Concubine garnered much attention for Yan, who later won the Acting Idol award at the China TV Drama Awards.

After World War II, Lee studied law at Fitzwilliam College, in Cambridge, UK.

In 1950, he was admitted to the English bar, but instead of practicing law there, Lee returned to Singapore to do so.